Dbn lesbians Post
Ukhona ongasho kodwa ukuth kunjan ukbhebhana kwaka gals akuve ngihala shme made befakana iminwe
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Gal ufuna skompane skhothane ngsemlazi 0729158298
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Dbn North
Hi im a guy sorry i have a fantasy of being pegged its when a girl fucks a guy with a dildo if u interested sms me then we can take it from there 078-795-1981
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Lesbian 0738775207
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Any Lady who cn help me with a job I will be yo sex slave sikopane senze konke plz help m 0784067827
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Young Lady
Bayancishan osisi base pmb.yaz I need 1 mature lady esobhebhana naye achame I'm a 23yr butch
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I mean not to be rude. Please read. I need a bisexual lady. I'm bisexual too. Bisexualism is mostly misunderstood and I would appreciate a girl who is bisexual and be in a closet. That way we can have sex whenever we feel like it. Also, I won't ask questions if you go out because I expect you to not ask if I go out. Its a mutualistic relationship.
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I'm coming to Dbn ngoTuesday ngfuna bisexual pretty girl esokopana nayo dat day must be around town botanic or Musgrave have ur own place and be clean..... leave ur BBM pin pls
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Ladies around pmb scottsville letz hv sum NSA fun neWeather iyavuma shiya ur whatsapp number
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Naughty chats plz,sixoxe ngokubhebha girls only plz
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Kaka la...hlw akekh ules ofuna ukubhebhana no boy sofihla 0739859561
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Hella beautiful ladies,iam bisexual femm,bengizicelela omunye wesimame obisexual njengami esizozithandanela naye.all i need is love,ngidinga umuntu ozonginika uthando ngendlela nami engizomnika ngayo,pls ngicela umuntu osethe ukukhula imnyaka frm 28 to 33 mina will be turning 25 this month,ngiyazicelela kube umuntu ose DBN or Pinetown mina ngise Kloof, my whatsapp number is 0724849445;ubemuhle,clean because i also love my slf.
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I have one wish "To do all the naught stuff with a les or sisi ojola nabanye osisi no sex involve just hands and Sucking till you reach your climax" leave your details will give a shot video of what I'm talking about ?
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37 XXX MZANSI PORN TRY www.bit.do/xporn
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Any1 for a nawty chat?
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Ngcela ukubhejwa ugal una24 to 27 ngse Avoca,mina ngna 24
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