Katlehong gays Post
Katlehong king ass giver top or vers whatsapp me 0799899672
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Golden Wal
Kanti lama jita hierso ah bloma va? #11languages fresh clean man specially at sports scene
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Dawn Park
Hala guys I'm just looking for a fuck buddy who is discreet 0618754874 I dnt hv watsup
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Wadeville boys working around there give me chest pains bahle moer
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Kaka la..ATT- Moffies and Stabanes,. What is the point of posting if u dnt leave yr numbers for interested people to call u???Lol
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Horny Dude
I wana lick ass I wanan fuck ass thokoza and katlehong bottom or verse leave ur contacts will call u
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Chris Hani
Kaka la...Chris hani btms leave ur details
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Thabo Lunc
Any straight act jitas for fun lunch at Chris Hani Mall ke spana daar no fats or fem please am at work leave your tens will contact you...
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Any bottom from khg or arround leondale for fun times please halla here . leave your degits i will halla
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Yende park dudes in her?? Jst be closeted
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Katlehong Ramkonupi asiphane
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May I have Nkosana's (DJ)contacts pls. Wase tokoza ext2
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May I have Nkosana's contacts pls. Wase tokoza ext2
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Jita anyrole liv10
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Any guy now @ vosloo for a quick blowjob now
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Maphanga or nhlapho tops?? 0785142926 WhatsApp me
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