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Fat Chicks
Fucking fat girls who the he'll do they think will bless them most of the chicks posting here are ugly as dogs asses
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Pussy Wet
M so fuckin horny nid a dick ryt away m n dbn,nid sum1 2 suck my big tits n pussy n fuck me hard, u m b loaded leaving ur no. N I will hala at u
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Joburg Guy
I don't bless ugly and fat... I must be happy for what I pay for.
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Kaka la...guys m 30 yes old,ngdinga uses I osekhulakhulile n ozaziyo ukuty ufunani empilweni, kodwa abemuhle n abesdudla ngomzimba,angabi nomkhaba if khona o interested plz Whatsapp me nw 0797787899
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Team Thick
M 24,yrs old m studying n m n nid of a Blesser nje I nid a R1000 4 my sub at skul plz any1 who can assist,m around Dbn m a size 38 dark beauty nje m very wild,angmufuni Muntu ozodlala ngam plz cz m srs wana sum1 I can rely on n I promise naye he can rely on me f ufuna sifihle m ohk wit dat aslong as ungijabulisa nje financially call me zero six three 3420067 angfizifuni ingane plz I nid a Blesser
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Dbn Only
Back on business whatspp me for more info.0797744983 strictly whatsapp only
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Ngisacela uSisi noma uMamah ongangiBlesser please mina ngizomjabulisa ngomthondo please whatsapp me 0746998081
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Im a male.Ngi dinga usisi oqhoka u34 kuya ku 38 one figure nezinqha ezinkulu.Im a cash paying client.Calls/sms only 0633245522
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Kaka la...ngila34 ngidinga ucc loba umama ona 35 lusiya ku 60 ozofunela umthondo ngise thembisa 0616570630
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I need a jhb Blesser plz who'll fuck da hell out of me n bless me financially
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Porn Chat
We need wild and very naught gals in our group, we have enough guys so there is no room again for guys,pls ladies only is what we need now and we only need the very naught very very wild ones those ladies that are not shy at all to join our Sex and Porn Chat group thanks,pls here is my number ladies only pls 0783386261
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I need a older mamma must be 25 oR older I'm 22
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Hi, seeking one skinny, thin, petite girl not older than 23for a stable consistent NSA relationship.
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Girls 13 to 19 add 0791668146
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Anyone looking loans just drop your number please i dont want stupid and childish people here only serious going to listen even if dont work
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People looking loans even not working leave your numbers
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